Earlier, we told you about the angry mob of pro-abortion protesters who surrounded a pro-life advocate and verbally and physically harassed him for being there and for pointing out that Planned Parenthood’s origins and legacy are viciously racist. We wish we could tell you that this sort of insanity and nastiness were just a one-off, but we can’t tell.

Expect to see a lot more incidents like that one and like this one before all is said and done:

Bear in mind that PAAU stands for Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising. These are progressive pro-life activists who no doubt have a great deal of ideological overlap with the protesters, and they’re being screamed at and shoved for daring to believe that the unborn have a right to life. This is what insanity looks like.

Christian pro-life activist A.J. Hurley, who is the director of Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust, was there as well.

And you can no doubt imagine the reception he got:

The pro-abort Left’s reaction to the possibility that Roe v. Wade will no longer be the “established law” of the land has been nothing short of depressing — and illuminating. It’s really shined a blinding spotlight on the toxic culture of death that’s infected our society. There are actually real people out there who are so committed to the right to kill innocent unborn children that they’re willing to take to the streets and get physical over it.

That’s terrifying. It’s terrifying for us to see on video, and it’s terrifying for those who witness it in person and risk bodily harm to advocate for women and the unborn.

“Palpable darkness.” What a disturbingly accurate description.

You can read more about what Mary Margaret Olohan witnessed in her piece for The Daily Wire: