Generally speaking, we’re in favor of Roe v. Wade being struck down. Or at least we thought we were.

We must admit that we hadn’t considered what Roe v. Wade really means for American women. Good thing Wisconsin Democratic State Rep. Francesca Hong put it into perspective for us:

Yes, if there’s one thing we can’t allow, it’s for our morals to be based on the political whims of politicians. Political whims are toxic and bad. Unless, of course, politicians start using terms like “birthing bodies” on a political whim.

Sorry, we just can’t get over this “birthing bodies” thing. It’s nothing short of amazing, in the worst way.

You heard her. Overturning Roe v. Wade will reduce women to baby-growing vessels!

Also, we need to preserve Roe v. Wade to protect the right to freedom for birthing bodies!

We’re not sure, but it had better not be something cis-normative like “female.” Otherwise Rep. Hong would have to take a page from David Hogg’s book and delete a bunch of tweets and apologize. And wouldn’t that be embarrassing!

Women are indeed impressive. Even Francesca Hong is impressive, in her own way! She’s impressive in her stupidity and her ignorance and her misogyny, but that still counts as being impressive.

Oh, they have most definitely lost their minds. Even if they could hear themselves, they’re too far gone to understand what it is they’re actually saying.