Nina Jankowicz, the self-described “Mary Poppins of disinformation” whom Joe Biden has tapped to head DHS’ new Disinformation Governance Board, didn’t just get picked at random to be our new Minister of Truth. No, she had to do a lot of work to get to where she is today. She had to demonstrate that she’s very, very serious about and committed to policing speech.

It may very well have been this very thread from January of 2021 that originally put her on the Biden administration’s radar:

“Malign Creativity”? Sounds … interesting.

Let’s pause for a moment just to say something: cheap sexual innuendo about Kamala Harris and other Democratic women is juvenile and gross, not to mention it only serves to undermine legitimate criticisms of these women. That said, it’s not illegal to be a complete boor on social media — and it shouldn’t be illegal.

“Malign creativity.” There’s that term again.

“Malign creativity.” There it is again!

But the biggest thanks of all goes to TikTok for giving her a place to post a video about all this:

What? No musical number? Why would Nina Jankowicz malign her own creativity like that?

Honestly, if there’s any malign force here, it’s someone like Nina Jankowicz who believes in policing other people’s thoughts in the name of protecting “women, POC, and other marginalized communities” from “gendered abuse and disinformation.” (Evidently Jankowicz ran out of time to explain how using a term like “women” is not itself abuse or disinformation).

They are insults. They’re opinions. And as long as they’re not inciting violence, they’re protected under that scourge of the Left, that pesky First Amendment.

That’s what she would appear to believe. And that’s pretty terrifying, when you think about it.

We’ve seen this movie plenty of times.