Raise your hand if you’re super excited at the prospect of the Department of Homeland Security setting up a Disinformation Governance Board. Raise your hand if you’re super excited at the prospect of the head of said board being Nina Jankowicz, who would appear to be certifiably insane.

On his show last night, Tucker Carlson played some, um, interesting footage featuring Jankowicz showing off her creativity with a rousing musical number about disinformation laundering:

That video’s been making the rounds ever since, naturally. And it originally came from Jankowicz herself!

It’s embarrassing for sure. But would you believe that there’s more disturbing musical footage of Jankowicz where that came from?

Because there is:

Dear God.


Hold on, though. Because it gets better still.

And by “better,” we mean “weirder and creepier and way, way WTF-ier.”

Jankowicz was evidently one half of the “wizard rock” girl group, The Moaning Myrtles. Big fans of Harry Potter and … Elizabeth Warren:

That may have been her magnum opus, but it’s not the piece Jankowicz should be known for. No, that honor belongs to … whatever song this is from:


That’s definitely one word for it, yes.

The Biden administration sure can pick ’em.

Well, technically, in “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets,” in which we first make Moaning Myrtle’s acquaintance, Harry is 12. But that’s not really any better, is it?

So do we after seeing these videos.



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