We already told you about Elizabeth Warren Karening with rage over Elon Musk buying Twitter. But she’s far from the only Democratic dinosaur senator who’s seeing red right now.

She’s joined in self-righteous indignation by the illustrious and ancient Sen. Ed Markey, who foresees nothing but doom and despair and destruction on the horizon if Elon Musk is allowed to rule over the Twitterverse. And as far as algorithmic justice is concerned? Well, you can just forget about that once Elon’s running the show.

Why are anyone’s kids on Twitter?

But we digress.

Totally fine. And “algorithmic justice” wasn’t even a blip on Ed Markey’s radar.

Clearly the algorithm responsible for Ed Markey is busted.

“Algorithmic justice.” We’re pretty sure that was a Janet Jackson album.

What a show that was.

In the same one where we find “reproductive justice,” which is also incredibly stupid and meaningless.

Where was Markey and other Dems’ concern for “algorithmic justice” when Twitter was openly punishing conservatives for strictly partisan reasons? They were nowhere to be found. But now that Elon Musk is threatening to make Twitter a free speech platform, suddenly we all have to be very concerned about “algorithmic justice.” For the children, no less!

We’re not sure who Ed Markey thinks he’s fooling, but he’s sure as hell not fooling us. We see exactly what he’s doing.

Narrator: It was not, in fact, pure brilliance. Just pure BS.

Forget it; they’re rolling. Hopefully far, far away from us.


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