“Pocahontas” is trending this morning. . .

. . .and, yes, it’s because of something Sen. Elizabeth Warren tweeted about Elon Musk:

“This deal is dangerous for our democracy. Billionaires like Elon Musk play by a different set of rules than everyone else, accumulating power for their own gain. We need a wealth tax and strong rules to hold Big Tech accountable.”

Actually. . .

It’s Sen. Warren who is the dangerous one as this meltdown over Musk’s purchase clearly shows:

“Free speech is the very First Amendment for a reason… the only thing dangerous for our Democracy are people like Pocahontas here who argue that speech should be restricted.”

And how in the world is “making the algorithm transparent, getting rid of the bots, and having a path for everyone being verified is bad for democracy?!”

“And Senator Karen checks in”:

Maybe she is “completely insane”?

And maybe she’s a secret supporter of Gov. Ron DeSantis and his law to take power away from Disney?

Now watch libs endorse using legislation to punish a private company:

Did she ever get this mad at Jeff Bezos —  another one of her targets — buying the Washington Post?

We’ll note that Dems control the House, Senate and White House. Where is this law she keeps promising?

What’s even funnier is that Musk made his fortune building an electric car company, which is something libs agree with 100%:

Exit question: Will Sen. Warren ask AOC to sell her Tesla?


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