CNN+ may be taking its final gasps of breath before being put out of its misery, but good ol’ original CNN is still alive and kicking.

Which means that they’re still exposing viewers to S.E. Cupp’s molten-hot takes, such as this one on the 2024 presidential race:

There is literally no case whatsoever to be made for Adam Kinzinger to run for the GOP nomination. Oh, don’t get us wrong: Kinzinger would most definitely get crushed. She’s right about that. But that’s pretty much it.

“Could Kinzinger be a spoiler in a Republican primary? I think the answer is yes.”

Narrator: The answer was no. Cupp thinks that Kinzinger could actually pull enough voters away from Donald Trump (if Donald Trump runs again) and that would give the edge to potential contender Ron DeSantis. Um, an Adam Kinzinger run would make Evan McMullin’s 2016 showing look like a rousing success.

“Could Kinzinger set an alternative agenda for moderate Republicans and independents voting in 2024? Absolutely!”

Kinzinger could certainly come up with an alternative agenda. But no honest person actually believes that said alternative agenda would convince people to vote for Kinzinger.

“Could he lay the groundwork for a future post-Trump party? Without a doubt.”

Really, S.E.? Without a doubt? You have no doubt whatsoever? That’s your prerogative and all, but we feel it’s important that we tell you you’re delusional. If there’s a future post-Trump party, that could be a really good thing. But it won’t be led by Adam Kinzinger. Because he’s just a Resistance liberal posing as a conservative. Very much like you, actually. And besides: the Democratic Party already exists, and it would suit Kinzinger perfectly.

We do appreciate the effort, though. She works very, very hard for that CNN paycheck.

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