When Jeb Bush’s 2016 presidential campaign ended, we were all on the edge of our seats awaiting the answer to one very important question: what would happen to his communications director, Tim Miller?

Well, by the grace of God, Miller landed on his feet. At The Bulwark. He was home at last, for at The Bulwark, he would be free to explore and cultivate his ickiest liberal tendencies in an environment that welcomed them.

And that, friends, is how we end up with clips like this one of Miller on MSNBC:

“Republicans are weird!” Says the guy responsible for the mental image of Mickey Mouse having sex with Pluto, something literally nobody was thinking about until he said it.

Just a day ending in “y.”

Dems should definitely take Tim Miller’s ball and run with it. Dude’s a genius:

A friggin’ genius.



Weirdly obsessed Bulwark coward Tim Miller is extremely triggered by @politicalmath’s intellectual consistency on David French and cancel culture

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