It’s White House Easter Egg Roll Day! And President Joe Biden is arguably even more excited than the kids.

Too bad First Lady Jill Biden keeps trying to spoil his fun:

Just the first page, Jill? Boo. He’s the president, fer cryin’ out loud. Surely he’s capable of reading a whole children’s book! A book with illustrations!

Or maybe not. Perhaps the good doctor (of education) was just trying to prevent her dear husband from embarrassing himself by losing his place in the book. Or losing his place, period:

You can’t see us right now, but we’ll bet you can totally picture the faces we’re making after watching that. A delightful combination of cringe and pity and disgust and embarrassment and abject despair at the idea that this man, Joe Biden, is the Leader of the Free World.

Indeed it does.

God help us.



Yeah, this is just sad now:


It’s totally normal stuff for Joe Biden. That’s what’s really scary.



Oh man … even the Easter Bunny’s getting involved now.

This is bad, guys.

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