Luke Zaleski’s Twitter bio describes him as “Legal Affairs Editor, Condé Nast, longtime/former Research Director @GQMagazine Head of fact-checking ‘The Resistance’ #truthhurts.” 

And he thinks that all you people need to stop saying things like “these people.”

Let’s set the stage, shall we? Luke, like many liberals out there, is greeting the news that Elon Musk has offered to buy Twitter with disgust:

The idea that Luke Zaleski knows what’s best for everyone else is also dumb. And Twitchy regular Noam Blum, aka @neontaster, thinks so, too. So he called Luke out for it:

Uh-oh, Noam … now you’ve done it:

Annnnnd there it is.

No, seriously. That’s what Luke Zaleski actually thinks:

Hmmm. OK, well, Luke … what’s say we search your feed? What sorts of things might we find?

Blum did just that, and he found some pretty interesting stuff:

Yep! That’s him, all right:


Yep! That’s him, all right:


Yep! That’s him, all right:

Say it with us now: PROBLEMATIC!

Luke is certainly dead. Murdered by his own tweets.

Works every single time it’s tried.

#TruthHurts. Right, Luke?



Noam Blum throttles blue-checked Occupy Democrats guy who proclaims journos ‘the first and most important check on our governments’

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