Last night, Daily Beast columnist Wajahat Ali shared a harrowing COVID experience with his Twitter followers. We have to warn you, you may find what you are about to read highly disturbing:

Hey, Wajahat, look at the bright side: you survived! Not many others in your situation can say that.

That’s why the Grim Reaper walks the Florida beaches!

Or he would be letting Ali know how stupid he looks … if any of this had actually happened.

We do have a hard time believing Ali here. The fact that he’s a notorious purveyor of BS doesn’t really help him in the credibility department.

(It’s like when Dwight Schrute said that he wouldn’t be the manager of the hotel he co-owns in hell with Satan in his fantasy.)

And it gets better still, because not only is Wajahat Ali almost certainly making the whole thing up and undermining his own alleged intellect, but he’s also undermining his own alleged commitment to doing everything he can to protect his own health:

Uh-oh, Wajahat.

At least Wajahat Ali’s story had a surprise ending!



Wajahat Ali follows the science, which is why he’s apparently determined to live out the rest of his days in full-fledged COVID paranoia

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