In the early days of the pandemic, we were scared. There were a lot of unknowns. So we took a lot of precautions, with the understanding that they wouldn’t be permanent, because researchers were working tirelessly to develop vaccines.

And once vaccines were widely available, we could begin to get back to normal. And we looked forward to getting back to normal.

But not everyone did. Evidently author and Daily Beast columnist Wajahat Ali didn’t. And now that normalcy is a possibility, Ali is lost and utterly beside himself:

Sane, rational people don’t talk like that. So we have no choice but to conclude that Wajahat Ali is neither sane nor rational.

Might be time to think about getting a grip, Wajahat.

You may be onto something, Matt:

In any event, Wajahat should take this opportunity to make lemonade:

We’re rooting for him!

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