This afternoon, President Joe Biden took a brief digression from praising Ketanji Brown Jackson for triumphing over some of “the most vile baseless assertions and accusations” he’s ever witnessed from Republican senators, and he told a heartwarming story from the days of his vice presidency, when he traveled 17,000 miles, including his time in the foothills of the Himalayas with Xi Jinping.

It’s a beautiful tale of two men out in nature, just bonding with one another.


Iwzinfoothm uh foot foot.

Wow. That’s truly a clip for the ages. But it’s missing the story!

Ah, here we are:

Joe Biden doesn’t know for a fact that it actually happened, but it totally happened.

Finally, we have something in common with Joe Biden! We don’t believe him, either.

We also can’t understand what the hell he’s saying to save our lives.

In all seriousness, though, when is someone going to step in and say, “You know what, Joe? You’ve managed to stick around a lot longer than we thought you could, but it’s time to retire to the ol’ Delaware beach house and play with your trains”? Where’s Jill? Anyone know where Jill is?

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