Yesterday, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson was confirmed to the Supreme Court, thus fulfilling Joe Biden’s campaign trail promise to nominate a Supreme Court Justice based solely on the criteria of race and sex.

It really does suck for soon-to-be Justice Jackson, because thanks to Joe Biden’s reliance on identity politics, she’ll always have an asterisk after her name. Like any other SCOTUS nominee, she deserved to be nominated on the basis of her constitutional beliefs and judicial record.

And speaking of her judicial record, President Biden brought that up today:

What Judge Jackson was put through … was questions about her judicial record. Which, as it happens, is pretty relevant to the discussion when you’re talking to a potential Supreme Court Justice.

Dammit, Joe.

He literally can’t help himself. He just … says things. Stupid things. Wrong things.

Is Joe suggesting that Republican senators should’ve taken it easy on her and just accused her of being an alcoholic serial gang rapist or something mild like that?

Was Joe Biden napping through the entirety of the confirmation hearings for Brett Kavanaugh? Or Amy Coney Barrett?

We know for a fact that Joe was at least semi-conscious during the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings, because Joe was the one running the show.

Whether or not Joe Biden remembers his role during the Thomas hearings or remembers the hearings for other Republican presidents’ SCOTUS nominees ultimately doesn’t matter. All that matters is that Joe Biden is a pathological liar and a shamelessly partisan garbage person.

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