Democratic Florida gubernatorial hopeful Nikki Fried may be a moron, but she’s a tenacious moron. She’s got her heart and mind set on defeating Ron DeSantis in the next election and, doggone it, she’s not gonna let a pesky little thing like reality stand in her way. No, sirree!

About a month ago, Fried asked her followers to “imagine how much better Florida will be when we pull off another win.”

As if she actually has a prayer.

It’s clear that Nikki Fried and her campaign are at a point where they no longer care how desperate they look. They’re in too deep and have no choice but to push forward because they’ve already wasted so much time and energy and money on all this.

So expect to see lots more tweets along these lines before all is said and done:

OK, well, technically that’s true, we suppose. Guess this is the best she can come up with at the moment.

“We’re so bad at this” should be Nikki Fried’s campaign slogan.

Not long enough, it would seem.

And you can’t spell “Fried” without “fried.” As in Nikki Fried’s campaign is fried.

Stick a fork in her and put the poor thing out of her misery.



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