If we were to put together a word cloud featuring the words we’ve been seeing and hearing most often lately, “groomer” would have to be one of the largest. It’s everywhere, thanks to the debate surrounding Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law as well as the impossible-to-miss uptick in footage of woke teachers engaging in the sort of behavior that we’re constantly being told isn’t happening.

While it’s important to point out that “groomer” is sometimes being used inappropriately and not in reference to actual grooming behavior, as is the case here:

It’s also important to point out that some of the disturbing things we’ve seen from adults who believe that children should feature heavily in discussions of sexuality and gender identity do, in fact, fall under the “grooming” umbrella.

And as uncomfortable as it may be for many on the woke Left to hear it, it needs to be said. Dennis Prager tried to warn about the dangers of Queer Theory — the same Queer Theory that some people believe should be used as a teaching tool for young kids — back in 2019 on “Real Time with Bill Maher” and was mocked and treated like an out-of-touch old coot:

At least Prager was a good sport about it. A much better sport than the wokesters who lose it every time J.K. Rowling points out that women and men are biologically different.

A much better sport than the wokesters who insist that Queer Theory and Critical Race Theory aren’t part of the educational curriculum in many schools.

Find us a single radical trans activist out there today who doesn’t flip out when someone says that men can’t menstruate. You’d be off on a fool’s errand.

That right there is the perfect way to sum up so many of the controversial issues that conservatives are trying to shine light on. Critical Race Theory isn’t happening and it’s good that Critical Race Theory is being taught in schools! Grooming isn’t happening and it’s good that some teachers have been engaging in grooming-type behavior around young children!

Anyway, given the hot topics of 2022, now seems like as good a time as any for Bill Maher to revisit his conversation with Dennis Prager and check in on where things are at these days:

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