Here we have another amazing find from Libs of Tik Tok. We’ve already learned from our post on Disney that one executive producer is a “biromantic asexual” who’s trying to get more attention paid to the “A” in LGBTQIA+. Some have suggested that this is the inverse of so-called “intersectionality” — the more letters and pronouns you can lay claim to, the higher the prestige, so a biromantic asexual would rank about a plain old homosexual, which doesn’t compel very much special treatment or celebration.

Libs of Tik Tok is leading us to believe that all teachers fall somewhere in the LBGTQIA+ spectrum … and also that they all have piercings and colored hair. We’re told this is a polyamorous preschool teacher who’s genderfluid and identifies neither as a woman nor a man. She doesn’t have her students call her “Mx.” though. If we’re to believe this story, her preschool students are fully aware of both her religion (paganism) and sexuality.

Libs is pretty spot on with these.


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