Will Wilkinson may be focused mainly on bitcoin stuff these days, but in his heart, he’ll always be a journalist and progressive political commentator. And that means that he’ll never run out of dumb takes on political matters.

That’s actually a good thing for us, because Lord knows we can use all the laughs we can get. Yesterday, Wilkinson didn’t disappoint. He offered up this treasure about how to deal with a Supreme Court that doesn’t do what he thinks they should be doing:

“Junta-like attempts to rule by edict.”

Says the guy whose views on the Supreme Court are transparently political.

Here’s what Wilkinson appears to be referring to:

A 5-4 Supreme Court reinstated a Trump-era rule Wednesday that restricts the authority of states to reject federal permits under the Clean Water Act in another ruling putting the court’s emergency docket in the spotlight.

The emergency docket — referred to by some justices and outside observers as the “shadow docket” — has increasingly come under criticism by those who say that important issues are being resolved without the benefit of full briefing schedule and oral arguments.

The court’s order on Wednesday reinstates a rule that restricts the authority of states under the Clean Water Act to reject federal permits for projects that affect waters within their borders. The Trump-era rule will go back into effect while the Biden administration issues a new rule which is expected to be finalized by spring 2023.

Not exactly a “junta,” is it?

Wilkinson’s not exactly a genius, either, is he?

That is indeed literally what Will Wilkinson is suggesting.

Not really … but it never hurts to be reminded!

The cherry on top of this crazy sundae is that they never see the big picture. They never consider the possibility that something like this could backfire on them in spectacular fashion.




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