Well, in case you hadn’t heard yet, Ketanji Brown Jackson has been confirmed to the Supreme Court. History has been made.

Sorry, HERstory.

We can say that now.

In all sincerity, congratulations to soon-to-be Justice Jackson. Here’s hoping that she will base her decisions on constitutional principles. We wish her well.

But we’re not quite willing to go as far as Jennifer Rubin:

Poor Jennifer needs someone to peel her off the ceiling, she’s so overcome with ecstasy.

How can you not laugh at Rubin’s insane display? It’s not as though we’ve been laboring under any delusions of her conservatism for quite a few years now, but dear God. It’s like she’s severely overcompensating for any conservative position she ever held in her life.

That’s a safe bet, although, as Jonah Goldberg recently pointed out, we can’t really prove a negative.

We’re not even going to try to relate to Jennifer Rubin, because that’s a really bad idea in general. But we will concede that Jen does have one reason to be emotional and joyous right now:

She’s getting close!

Congratulations to Jennifer Rubin on her big win.



Dem Sen. Dick Durbin praises GOP senators who ‘rose above the partisan fray’ to vote yes on Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation 

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