Stacey Abrams may have lost her governor’s race to Brian Kemp back in 2018, but she’s gained something infinitely more valuable: money.

No, seriously. Stacey Abrams has really capitalized on her continued refusal to concede and stolen-election conspiracy theory peddling. Millions of dollars in capitalizing, to be specific:

Stacey Abrams has already made way more money from losing the Georgia gubernatorial race than she would have for winning it. She’s made all that money for complaining about losing! There’s something so deliciously ironic about that.

It’s true. She is a successful author … who owes her success entirely to the fact that she lost an election and refuses to get over it. She’s even used her years-long tantrum to sell romance novels that no one would’ve ever heard of had she not come out as a romance novelist after launching her voting rights crusade.

Oh, the mystery is definitely solved. There’s no mystery remaining as to how Stacey Abrams has gotten rich off of her insane sense of entitlement and refusal to admit that she lost.

Byron York doesn’t hate capitalism … but Stacey Abrams loves it! And she’s milking it for every last drop she can.

At least in her most fantastic sci-fi fantasies, she is.

Stacey Abrams is taking “the Clinton model” and running with it — straight to the bank.

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