Taylor Lorenz has managed to build an impressive career as a journalist on the social media beat. She did it for the New York Times, and now she’s doing it for the Washington Post, God bless her.

Taylor Lorenz is very much still a thing. She is many things, in fact. A stunning thing. A brave thing. A fragile thing. A delicate thing.

You see, even though men can’t get enough of her hotness — they’re so smitten and obsessed, they’re breaking their brains! — Taylor’s still deeply insecure. And she’s hurting, dammit:

What a genuine emotional reaction from a genuine person. Hang on, we’re getting verklempt. Where’s that box of Kleenex we keep around for moments like this?

Please, if you could spare a few thoughts and prayers for Taylor Lorenz during this difficult time. Vietnam veterans have got nothing on her psychological suffering.

OK, now we can stop being facetious and appreciate the spectacular schadenfreude factor here. Because it’s impossible not to find some satisfaction in Taylor Lorenz being forced to swallow a dose of her own medicine.

Taylor has literally made it her job to go after people on social media — some of their names recognizable, others not so much — for some purported sin that she more often than not has grossly exaggerated or misrepresented with the express purpose of bullying them into submission and getting them canceled. And she’s triggered by the people who call her out for it.

Yeah, sorry. We’re struggling to find our sympathy.

She’s in an under-35 segment because she’s got her finger on the pulse of America’s youth. Duh!

Only when Taylor Lorenz feels the heat does online bullying or harassment become a problem. When she’s the one egging on the bullying and harassment, she’s just doing her job as a journalist.

Totally accurate.

We’re certainly not advocating for abuse or bullying or harassment of anyone (or their loved ones) for their views. Taylor Lorenz may be a garbage person, but she doesn’t deserve to be threatened. That said, though, we don’t expect her to have learned a damn thing from any of this. Soon enough, she’ll be back on her horse, off on another crusade to ruin someone’s life.



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