You almost have to laugh at the Russian government’s persistence in pushing blatant propaganda despite the fact that most of the world knows it’s all complete and utter BS. Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine has only made his country even more of a global pariah.

But they’ve gone too far to give up now. The show must go on!

And so, the Russian Mission to the United Nations is doing its part to feed Putin’s war effort:

Where to even begin with that? Ukraine doesn’t need to be denazified, because it’s not a Nazi state. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is a proud Jew, for eff’s sake. Ukraine doesn’t need to be demilitarized, because it wasn’t hostile to Russia or any other countries. And the fact that Vladimir Putin can just have his country’s military invade Ukraine for no reason actually suggests that Ukraine needs a strong and well equipped military.

And that business about not targeting civil facilities … well, that’s just a straight-up lie. Russia’s military has consistently targeted civilians from the get-go, purposefully dropping bombs on houses and hospitals. Vladimir Putin has made no secret of his intentions to destroy the very fabric of Ukrainian society and his eagerness to salt the earth with the remains of dead Ukrainians.

No honest person believes any of the Russian government’s propaganda.

Anyone with eyes and ears knows the true nature of Vladimir Putin’s mission in Ukraine and the Russian Mission’s mission at the United Nations.

The term “gaslighting” gets thrown around a lot these days, and it’s not always used correctly. But if this isn’t textbook gaslighting from the Russian government, we don’t know what is.

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