Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson’s recent remarks in which she professed that she is unable to define the word “woman” still have a lot of people talking, critics and defenders alike.

No matter where you fall on the discussion, there’s no disputing that it’s a vital discussion to be having. And it’s one that the Daily Wire is ready to tackle head-on:

Talk about perfect timing. The debate over Ketanji Brown Jackson’s remarks actually serves as the perfect lead-in for Matt Walsh’s new film project, “What is a Woman?”

Take a look:

Matt Walsh is himself a pretty polarizing figure. But that doesn’t mean that when it comes to radical trans activism, he doesn’t have points to make that aren’t worth making.

Hmmm … biologists aren’t among the experts listed in Walsh’s tweet, but we assume that he’s spoken to people who went to school to learn things like the basic biological differences between biological men and biological women.

For what it’s worth, radical trans activists are already very wound up about “What is a Woman?”

Should be an interesting watch, to say the least.

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