University of Pennsylvania swimmer — and NCAA women’s swimming champ — Lia Thomas is on a hell of a ride lately, winning women’s swimming competitions like it’s going out of style. Unfortunately for Lia Thomas, the women swimmers she keeps beating aren’t feeling nearly so chipper about it.

Turns out they have a point, because Lia Thomas is biologically male and has no business competing directly against women in swimming. In fact, transgender women athletes have no business competing directly against women in women’s sports, period. It does seem like women athletes are getting bolder about speaking out against being forced to compete on a playing field that’s not even close to level, and that’s encouraging to see. But they unfortunately don’t seem to be making much headway with the most hardcore, dedicated radical trans activists, who proudly proclaim that science is on their side when that in fact couldn’t be further from the truth.

LifeNews tweeted out a powerful photo juxtaposition today that perfectly illustrates the intellectual disconnect between so many radical leftist trans activists and the science they purport to follow:

Says it all, doesn’t it?

Message received.

They’re not interested in science. But we are. We believe in science, which is why it’s absolutely intellectually honest and consistent to recognize that unborn babies are people and men are not women.



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