People can’t stop talking about University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas! She’s making history, you guys. Making history as we watch!

Or, rather, making history as we’re forced to watch the erasure of women to thunderous applause from the radical trans movement. But nowhere is it written that we have to just sit here and let it happen.

In a world of woke nutjobs cheering on anti-scientific insanity, be like the woman National Review’s Madeleine Kearns is spotlighting here:

Can she get an “amen”? Because that woman should get about a million of them. And then a billion more.

It’s genuinely crazy to think that pointing out that there are biological differences between men and women is something that’s seen as controversial by so-called progressive-minded people. But here we are.

The protester’s name is Kellie-Jay Keen.

No doubt that Keen will be slimed by radicals as a raging transphobe. But she’s what a real women’s rights activist should look like.

Because she’s actually advocating for women. Because she’s willing to tell the truth, even in the face of radical trans activists.

Narrator: The guy in the mask is not happy to have a real conversation with that woman. Radical trans activists are not happy to have real conversations with anyone who questions their narratives and points out all the flaws in their thinking.

We hadn’t thought about it that way, but it’s actually true. Radical trans activism is driven purely by emotions, and irrational emotions at that. It really is like a deranged cult.

We have no doubt that there are many liberals and left-leaning people out there who know in their hearts that the elevation of Lia Thomas is wrong, but they’re too afraid to speak up for fear of reprisal.

Look no further than what the radical trans movement has done to J.K. Rowling to see that’s absolutely right.

And look no further than J.K. Rowling (and Kellie-Jay Keen) to see what true feminism and respect for science look like.



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