In case you missed it — and, given that it was on “The View,” you most likely did — Ana Navarro suggested yesterday that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas should undergo cognitive testing.

Oddly enough, she didn’t make any similar recommendations for President Joe Biden, who, according to himself, may be Irish but is not stupid.

Anyway, Navarro’s suggestion that Justice Thomas is cognitively impaired is quite ridiculous, not to mention downright insulting. But to her credit, she hasn’t gone quite as far as MSNBC/Peacock host Mehdi Hasan. At least not yet.

For the record, here’s where Mehdi Hasan is at right now:

It’s certainly a bold idea, we’ll give Mehdi that much.

What if it makes neither political nor moral sense? Because that seems to be the case here, Mehdi.

Can we impeach Mehdi Hasan? He’s a lot more problematic than Clarence Thomas, what with being an anti-Israel, antisemitic leftist propagandist and all.

Also, he’s just plain annoying.

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