Yesterday afternoon, President Joe Biden spoke at the National League of Cities Congressional City Conference, where he reminded us once again that high gas prices in America are Russian President Vladimir Putin’s fault.

That was a great speech, to be sure, but Biden wasn’t finished yet. Last night, he also spoke at a Democratic National Committee fundraiser, where he discussed climate change (which, incidentally, will hopefully no longer be an issue soon enough because if people can’t afford to pay for gas, they’ll have to buy electric vehicles, which are totally clean and don’t depend on fossil fuels for electricity).

We’re not sure if outspoken climate change science skeptic and founder of Steve Milloy was listening to Biden’s speech, but he at least read through the transcript. And while Milloy’s a pretty polarizing personality, the highlights he chose from Biden’s speech are worth highlighting and haters and admirers and everyone in between should find at least some of those highlights disturbing:


We’d definitely be in some pretty big trouble.

Who wrote this speech?

At the very least, everyone should be able to recognize that this is a really weird thing for Joe Biden to say, right?

Perhaps we should hear from Joe Biden’s late father next.

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