How much longer does Jen Psaki have to go as White House press secretary? We know she’s not gonna stick it out with Joe Biden forever, but we’re honestly surprised that she hasn’t gotten quite fed up enough at making an ass of herself to just say “Screw this!” and throw in the towel.

She really should think about just bolting, because it’s pretty clear that she’s just phoning it in at this point. Take this, for example, from this afternoon’s White House press briefing. A reporter asked Psaki about Russia’s government imposing sanctions against members of the Biden administration, including Psaki herself and the president. This is what Psaki had to say in response:

Were you watching that and waiting for her mouth to crack into an awkward smile and laugh along with the White House press corps at her attempt at a joke? Because we were. But that moment never came.

Years and years of practice?

Get the hook, already. We don’t know how much more of this we can take.

Seriously. She should’ve said that.

The wrong one. Please, God, let there be a way out of it.

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