Earlier this week, Joe Biden finally announced a ban on imports of Russian oil, liquified natural gas, and coal. Great. We shouldn’t be depending on Russia for any of our energy, and we sure as hell shouldn’t be lining Vladimir Putin’s pockets.

But if we’re not going to be getting our oil and whatnot from Russia, we’ve got to get it from somewhere? Iran? Saudi Arabia? Venezuela? Yes, we do suppose that those are technically options. They’re terrible, horrible, no-good, very-bad options, but they’re options nonetheless.

Allow us to suggest, though, that we still have a viable alternative.

We’ve got oil in the U.S. … what if we, say, open up oil production right here at home? We could start with Keystone XL. What does the Biden administration think about that, Jen Psaki?

It’s almost as if Jen Psaki and the Biden administration are counting on us to not put any thought into the situation we’re in, to not put any thought into how we got here or where we’re going to end up if we stay on the current trajectory.

There’s very good reason to believe that the Biden administration doesn’t think much of us. Jen Psaki’s tone when she’s responding to Peter Doocy’s very valid question about Keystone XL makes it abundantly clear that Biden et al. don’t think we deserve an honest answer, or any answer at all.


Someone check her pants for singe marks, because there’s no way they didn’t catch on fire underneath that podium.

Not almost certainly. Completely certainly.

Is there any red tape to spare? Perhaps we could use some to put over Jen Psaki’s mouth. It would keep her from lying, if only temporarily.

She doesn’t care how it works. She doesn’t care how any of this works.



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