Earlier, we told you about MSNBC’s take on Ron DeSantis telling a group of students that they could take their masks off if they wanted to.

Townhall’s Guy Benson was one of many who pointed out that MSNBC’s framing was — shall we say? — a bit dishonest.

And the Lincoln Project’s Stuart Steven took some umbrage to that:


Stuart is indeed entitled to his interpretation, we won’t argue with that.

“You and I never worked for anyone who acted this way & it shouldn’t be tolerated.” Yeah, well, Stu … about that …

Stu should sit this one way, way out.

It makes sense if you consider the possibility that Donald Trump broke Stuart Stevens’ brain.

If only that were the worst thing the Lincoln Project had done to young people. Alas.

The Lincoln Project guys have really, really gotta stop doing this.

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