The University of North Texas’ Young Conservatives of Texas welcomed Jeffrey Younger to their campus yesterday to speak about his experience as a father whose young son was taken from his custody because Younger refused to recognize him as a girl.

*His ex-wife, who was not the biological mother of the child.

UNT leftists were at the event, where they showed Younger respect and a willingness to listen to his perspective.

We kid, of course. This is what they actually did:

The irony of the man they’re swearing at and shouting down being the only calm one involved is apparently lost on these dipsticks.

Leftist tolerance at its best.

Note: The son, James Younger, was 7 years old when this started. He is now 9 years old.

But Dillon’s point still stands.

That would certainly be much more accurate — and a hell of a lot more honest.

It really does seem to be spreading. Like a virus.



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