We apologize for missing this yesterday. Maybe we would’ve seen it if PolitiFact had done a fact-check, since they seem to be on such a fact-checking kick lately.

We’re not professional fact-checkers or anything. Just amateurs. But we’re gonna go ahead and award Chuck Todd a Pants on Fire rating for this song-and-dance routine:

Anyone up for a little bit of icing on that cake?

Yes, you heard correctly. Jen Palmieri added an equally Pants-on-Fire-worthy assertion to Todd’s remarks that Democratic echo chambers aren’t effective because “we don’t just repeat what we’re told to say.”

Who are these people, really?

A moron who is apparently suffering from severe agoraphobia and thus hasn’t ventured outside of the left-wing echo chamber in years.

Come on, Chuck. You can’t honestly think that any serious person who’s been paying attention and has experienced the economy under Joe Biden firsthand actually believes you.

The more you know.

Forget it; he’s rolling.

What gave you that impression?

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