We already told you about PolitiFact’s garbage excuse for a “fact-check” of Maria Bartiromo on U.S. imports of Russian oil.

We should’ve known there was more where that came from.

This morning, PolitiFact also posted a fact-check of Virginia GOP Gov. Glenn Youngkin, who called out Virginia as “one of only a handful of states that actually taxes our veterans’ retirement” a few weeks ago.

If PolitiFact didn’t already exist, we’d have to invent them. Not that we’d want to, of course.

At least Glenn Youngkin only got a “Half True” for a true statement. Poor Maria Bartiromo only managed to score a “Mostly False” when she said something true. Maybe PolitiFact is sexist or something.

This isn’t even hair-splitting; it’s just straight-up partisan hackery.

Is it above or below the collective IQ of PolitiFact’s editors?

We rate it as Stupid.

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