Earlier this week, Stanford professor and former U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul wondered aloud if any American politicians had ever referred to Adolf Hitler as “savvy” in 1939.

That question suggested that McFaul has no business being a political science professor.

And this tweet confirms it:

What color is the sky in Michael McFaul’s world? Flaming-red, maybe? Like hell?

We have to assume that McFaul has access to Twitter and TV and whatnot and has thus had plenty of opportunities to see footage of Russians peacefully protesting in the streets, risking their safety and lives to stand with the people of Ukraine.

So, with all due respect, Michael McFaul, what in the ever-loving f*ck is wrong with you?

Did someone poke a hole in Michael McFaul’s brain and all sense of history and morality leaked out?

Thank goodness we didn’t.

Oh, we know exactly who makes such statements. “Savvy” people make such statements.




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