As much of the country copes with a brutal cold snap, here’s a nice, piping-hot take to keep everyone warm.

This one comes from Center for the Study of Partisanship and Ideology President Richard Hanania, whom you may remember as the guy who worried that more pro-life laws could result in a world with more kids with Down Syndrome.

Today, Richard’s concerned about the U.S. putting sanctions on Russia, which is something China doesn’t believe in doing:

People who don’t think a China-led world order would be more humane are the brainwashed ones? Mkay.

You still have time to rethink this, Richard.

We dunno, Richard … seems pretty debatable to us.

Chopping off people’s hands was ackshually great for world peace because you can’t shoot someone if you don’t have hands.

-Richard Hanania, probably

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