Pro-aborts are plenty outraged over Texas’ heartbeat law taking effect yesterday. Outraged enough to compare supporters of the law to the supporters of the Taliban, for example. Or to the Taliban themselves!

But then there are others whose outrage is a bit more subdued. They don’t need to shout in order to get their message across. They can disguise their outrage as thoughtful, reasonable discourse.

Take Center for the Study of Partisanship and Ideology President Richard Hanania, who offered up the following take on where the Texas law could potentially lead:

Yes, those are certainly interesting things to think about. They are also incredibly disturbing things to think about, and only a disturbed person could think about them.

Indeed. What the f*ck?

Well apparently Richard isn’t as concerned about how pro-lifers feel. We have the feelings of people who might want to kill their imperfect unborn children to consider.

Maybe that’s the goal.

Not just a eugenicist, but perhaps even something worse.

Slopes don’t get any more slippery than this one.

What Richard Hanania is concerned about is something that literal Nazis were concerned about.

If anything, the world needs more people with Down syndrome and disabilities — to show people like Richard Hanania what humanity looks like.