Last week, David Frum got very upset at Elon Musk for likening Canadian PM Justin Trudeau to Adolf Hitler.

Frum is entitled to be upset about a Hitler comparison, because as a general rule, Hitler comparisons are not a good idea.

They’re also not a good idea when David Frum makes them. Which, as many pointed out, Frum has done on numerous occasions (here’s a refresher if you’re interested).

The Post Millennial also pointed that out:

And Elon Musk chimed in as well:

And now, David’s all hot and bothered:

  1. Isn’t David Frum supposed to have a day job?
  2. Isn’t it kind of worrying that a well known media figure would be gullible enough to believe that the rest of us are too gullible to understand that he is anything other than a hypocritical megadouche?

It gets even lamer as the thread progresses:

David Frum is like one of those people whose main selling point is that they’ve been blocked by famous tweeters. It’s true:

You almost feel sorry for him. Maybe you would if he weren’t … a hypocritical megadouche.

Seriously, David Frum’s Trump-is-a-lot-like-Hitler tweets are out there for everyone to see. They’re not hard to find. The Post Millennial’s tweet is honest and accurate and fair.

David Frum, meanwhile, is none of those things.

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