In the past couple weeks on social media, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau has been referred to as Vladimir Poutine, Mooselini, and even North Pol Pot. Additionally, David Frum is among those who think comparing Trudeau to Adolph Hitler are completely out of line:

Seriously? Allow Glenn Greenwald to roll his eyes a bit:

We don’t recall Frum’s explanation being used to explain why it’s wrong to compare certain Republicans to fascists, Hitler or any other horrible totalitarians in history.

No, not really:

Comparisons the other way around are apparently perfectly acceptable:

Yesterday Trudeau even said a Jewish member of Parliament was among conservatives who “stand with people who wave swastikas.”

It’s certainly worthy of some attention from Defiant L’s!

And of course it’s not just Frum:

It’s OK when they do it.

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