Earlier, we told you about Ottawa Police threatening to arrest “anyone found within areas undergoing enforcement.” That includes media trying to cover the police’s actions.

Sounds more than a little ominous.

If Trump had done that, there’d be a national uproar.

And that national uproar would pale in comparison to the national uproar that would ensue if Trump had done this:

Yesterday, the Interim Ottawa Police Chief said law enforcement was working on something like that.

It appears they’ve come up with a plan and are now putting it into practice.

They came for protesters’ (and donors’) money. They came for protesters’ pets.

Now they’re coming for protesters’ kids.

Count us among the latter type.

The most violent action on the protesters’ part appears to be playing in the snow and jumping in a bouncy castle.

We’re certainly not suggesting that it’s a great idea to bring kids to a protest. Generally speaking, it’s best to leave the kids out of that stuff. But the fact remains that there are differences between peaceful protests and riots. And if we didn’t know any better, we’d say that the Ottawa Police are trying to provoke outrage among protesters in the hopes of making the Freedom Convoy a lot more riot-like and using that as justification for taking the kids “to a place of safety” — and as justification for responding to the protesters with violence.

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