Canadian PM Justin Trudeau may be a power-hungry wannabe dictator, but don’t write off his second in command, Minister of Finance and Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland, who’s a mad little authoritarian in her own right.

So, not only can law enforcement take Freedom Convoy supporters’ pets away without recourse, but donors to the cause can expect to have their finances frozen? Is that where Canada is at right now?

Same as the old authoritarians.

Canada is on the road to hell, and the government is just pushing harder and harder on the gas pedal.

Something funny, Chrystia?

Maybe that’s why she’s laughing. Talk about irony.

All of the above.


Tweeter @politicalmath wrote this thread earlier today, before Freeland’s recent remarks, but we’d say it’s even more relevant than it was a short time ago:

Godspeed, Canada.

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