Yesterday, recalled San Francisco Unified School District board commissioner Gabriela López voiced her considerable displeasure at losing her job at the hands of San Francisco voters.

López was angry, to be sure. But her rant looks pretty tame compared to the one from her ousted colleague, Alison Collins. As WaPo’s Dave Weigel reminded us yesterday, Collins had effectively put a huge target on her back when she went after the Asian and Asian American community:

Most people wouldn’t be surprised at a public backlash over such remarks, but apparently Alison was totally caught off guard.

She is definitely not handling it well. Not even a little bit:

Thank you for the graphic, Alison. Really helps get your point across.

Didn’t Alison try to make anyone who didn’t take steps to address what she claimed was racial injustice a target? Did she forget about what she said about Asian Americans already?

Damn those right-wing San Franciscans … they’ve ruined the city!

A screenshot of the text in her own tweet that she literally just tweeted. Cool.

“Progressive activists have a responsibility to counter moral panics with narratives more rooted in reality.” Let us know when they actually do that, Alison. Let us know when you do that. Maybe screenshotting that text and tweeting it out will help you remember!

Ironic, isn’t it?

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