This past Tuesday, San Francisco voters recalled three hardcore progressive school board members.

One of them was Gabriela López. Only a few days earlier, López had announced her acceptance into Stanford’s Graduate School of Education for their PhD program in Race, Inequality, and Language in Education:

Poor Gabriela probably just assumed that made her an even more essential member of the school board. It didn’t work out that way, of course, and now, she’s working through her anger very publicly on Twitter:

We went ahead and grabbed a screenshot of that first one, because you never know:

If we’re being honest, though, we don’t expect López to delete either of her tweets. She doesn’t seem like the shame-having type.

Probably because she’s not the shame-having type.


Real mystery, that.

No, you’re a white supremacist. Gabriela said so.

Forget it; she’s rolling.

The greatest.

Evidently Gabriela López feels that the best way to fight back against the “white supremacists” is to lean even harder into the racebaiting. It’s certainly a bold strategy, we’ll give her that much.

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