As we told you earlier, Quintez Brown, the left-wing BLM activist arrested and charged with the attempted murder of Jewish Democratic mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg, is out on bail.

Sometimes crime does pay. It pays your bail!

Apparently Quintez Brown has some very interesting friends in the folks behind the Louisville Community Bail Fund.

Tweeter @Oilfield_Rando made that discovery when he decided to do a little bit of digging:

Cop-killing former Black Liberation Army member Assata Shakur.

Maybe they’ll get around to it eventually.


Go figure!

If the same media firefighters currently hellbent on exposing the identities of every single donor to the Freedom Convoy would devote even a small fraction of that energy to looking into all the shady aspects of the Quintez Brown case, maybe guys like @Oilfield_Rando wouldn’t be left to do their jobs for them.

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