A new filing by special counsel John Durham alleges that Hillary Clinton-linked Rodney Joffe had secretly and unlawfully monitored both candidate and President Donald Trump’s internet activity.

This seems like one of those genuine “whoa if true” stories, like maybe something that could be of pretty major consequence. Seems like the sort of thing that CNN should, well, pounce on.

And if Donald Trump were named “Hillary Clinton” and Joffe had ties to Trump, we have no doubt that CNN would be pouncing like crazy.

But Donald Trump is Donald Trump, and so CNN is focused only on the Real News, Mr. President:

Where are all the headlines about John Durham’s filing? Hell, where’s a single headline about John Durham’s filing? We checked the homepage, but our search came up empty:

How ’bout that?

They only need Trump when they can use him to make Trump look bad. When a Democrat’s the one in the hot seat, CNN can’t seem to find even a trace of Trump anywhere.

For what it’s worth, CNN doesn’t seem to be the only outlet with a blind spot:

Funny how that works.

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