Earlier today, the National Education Association stepped on a landmine with this tweet soliciting praise for all their hard work:

As horribly cringe as that was, though, it still has nothing on AFT President Randi Weingarten, who may, in fact, be the absolute literal worst:

How has she not burst into flames multiple times? She should have, like, 45285th-degree burns by now, with the number of lies she’s sat there and told us with a straight face.

They’re too busy trying to cancel Joe Rogan.

Zero COVID is never going to happen, ever. So how about zero teachers’ unions instead? Teachers’ unions are a virus in their own right, and they can be shut down more easily than COVID.

Randi Weingarten doesn’t follow the science; she follows the money. She will say and do whatever she needs to do to make sure the NFT’s coffers stay full.

Everyone should hate teachers’ unions.



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