The COVID pandemic has afforded the National Education Association the opportunity to show even more people that teachers’ unions are toxic. To their credit, the NEA took that opportunity and ran with it.

For some reason, though, they still seem to think that people see them as the good guys. They’re pretty confident, in fact.

So confident, that they’re willing to use Twitter to gauge their popularity:

We’re not sure how official these sorts of Twitter polls are, but we’re guessing that the overall nature of the responses they’ve been getting is a pretty good reflection of public sentiment regarding the NEA and teachers’ unions in general right now:


Not exactly the warm reception they were going for, is it?

In that sense, the NEA is doing a fantastic job!

Not to pour salt and lemon juice on the NEA’s wounds or anything, but …

We certainly do.

Emojis of every color should feel free to disagree with the NEA.

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