Yesterday, CNN medical analyst Dr. Leana Wen told us that an increasing number of Democratic governors and local leaders lifting mask mandates is a good thing.

In case that wasn’t enough to convince you, Dr. Wen elaborated further on the subject, explaining that “the science has changed” and we should proceed accordingly:

It’s always about following The Science™. And The Science™ is always settled … until it’s time to move the goalposts. Then all bets are off!

And you end up where we are right now, with Dr. Leana Wen and Pals pretending that they were only ever motivated by science and not by a desire to keep political power concentrated in Democrats’ hands.

It was always the politics.

We’re allowed to question CDC policy if the CDC questions it first. They have to do it first, otherwise we’re anti-science.

Before long, all that will be left at CNN is a pile of rubble.

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