So committed to following the COVID vaccine science was Neil Young that he was willing to put his catalog on the line in order to get Spotify to drop Joe Rogan for spreading “false information about vaccines.” Stunning and brave.

And — grab your shocked face right now — incredibly intellectually dishonest.

Check out this photo that the Washington Free Beacon’s Chuck Ross stumbled upon:

Recognize the guy at the end on your right?

As in Robert F. Kennedy Jr., notorious anti-vaxxer.

Yikes, Neil!

Guess Apple Music had better drop Neil Young like a hot potato. Associating with anti-science, anti-vaxx nutjobs like RFK Jr. After all, Joe Rogan is guilty of spreading “false information” for daring to interview people with a wide range of views on COVID (and other issues). If Rogan talking to Dr. Peter McCullough, for example, is a crime in and of itself, isn’t Neil Young just as guilty — if not moreso — for hanging out with RFK Jr.? After all, Kennedy isn’t just anti-COVID-vaxx; he’s anti-vaxx, period.

Unless …

It never did.

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