Joe Rogan is a comedian and has no business interviewing scientists or doctors in the interest of learning more about COVID.

Culture writer, author, and feminist podcaster Kat Rosenfield, on the other hand, is a gen-you-wine Reliable Source according to CNN’s Brian Stelter. Rosenfield was on this weekend’s edition of “Reliable Sources,” where she explained to Stelter and his audience why no one should be listening to Joe Rogan.

First, she emphasized that Joe Rogan’s popularity is “really, really frightening to people” who understand that we can only trust the mainstream media for accurate information (naturally, Oliver Darcy agrees):

Thank you, Kat, for your astute observations.

No, listen to Kat! She’s really got her finger on the pulse.

She knows what’s best for us, even if we don’t:

Oh, forgive us! We, the Unenlightened!

Much like Doritos.

Enlightened people know what the rest of us should consume: a steady diet of mainstream media word salad. It’s for our own good.

Now, it’s important to point out:

Indeed, Rosenfield herself is not advocating for Rogan to be deplatformed. She at least understands that Rogan’s fans aren’t going to start watching and reading CNN if Spotify dumps him.

That said, though, it’s understandable that this “more enlightened” BS would stick in so many people’s craw. CNN regularly chooses condescension as an outreach tactic and has yet to be rewarded by skeptics of the MSM, as far as we can tell. They seem to believe that if they keep doing it, it’ll finally work someday.

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