When we last covered the New York Times’ Michelle Goldberg, she was going to bat — hard — for Randi Weingarten by attempting to gaslight us into believing that Weingarten has been fighting for children all this time.

But now we expect that Michelle will be getting an angry letter from Weingarten pretty soon, if she hasn’t gotten one already:

Wow. We must admit, we weren’t expecting to read something like that from someone like Michelle Goldberg.

Judging by some of the responses to Goldberg, a lot of people weren’t expecting to read something like that from her:

Yiiiikes. Goldberg definitely kicked a massive hornet’s nest with this.

And while we can certainly appreciate that Goldberg has stumbled onto the legitimately science-based argument, it sure would’ve been nice if she hadn’t taken so long to get here.

So … why now? Why does Goldberg now feel comfortable openly questioning the value of school masking policies?

We’d like to think that maybe we’re in the early stages of watching liberals come to their scientific senses. But a far more likely explanation is that the origins of this aha-moment are essentially just political.

Still, we’d be lying if we said that waking up to reality isn’t ultimately a good thing and necessary to reach the goal of getting back to some semblance of common sense.

We do appreciate that Michelle Goldberg said it. Not many liberals with large media platforms are willing to go out on that limb.

Indeed. Though there’s still a possibility that Goldberg will be asked to walk it all back.

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